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Our Story

Founded in 2012, DNA Angels (formerly Spark Angel Network) is a not-for-profit community organization where people come together to support the next generation of high potential entrepreneurs needing a hand up (not a hand out). Durham's Neighbourhood Association of Angel Investors is the Government of Canada’s official angel group for the Durham Region.

Our aim is to build economic growth and sustainability within the Durham Region to help transition Durham's economy from metal-bashing to knowledge-based.

We are committed to provide quality investment support and mentorship to market-ready companies, thereby ensuring they have the best opportunity for growth and expansion in their industry.

Our Team

Our Board

Our board is comprised of Durham neighbourhood residents, each bringing a unique set of skills, expertise and backgrounds to the organization. 

The Founder


Malcolm MacTaggart



Malcolm MacTaggart started the Spark Angel network in 2012, with an ‘on-the-back-of-a-napkin’ (literally) vision on his flight back from an angel conference in Halifax.

Malcolm joined Microsoft in the mid-80’s and was the Country Manager of Microsoft in Canada during its formative years. He left the company in 1990, four years after it went public. In the late-90’s, he built CryptoCard (a remote-access, network security firm based in Ottawa) from a handful of people, into a company doing business in over 30 countries. He led the company to a successful exit in 2006 and retired from corporate life. Since then, he’s focused his time and attention in the ‘all things entrepreneurship’ world.

An Ivey MBA, CPA, Chartered Investment Manager, founder, professor (10+ years), mentor, portfolio manager, advisor and serial entrepreneur Malcolm embodies the ‘been there, done that’ set of experiences that matter the most to entrepreneurs, founders and businesses at all ages and stages, across a broad spectrum of sectors and industries, both domestically and internationally.


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